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Whole-Fat Milk

Whole-Fat Milk

Product Properties

Bakrac Long Life Milk, made from carefully selected high quality cow's milk, is sterilized in 3-5 seconds at 135⁰C and automatically filled into aseptic boxes free of harmful substances and organisms. Bakrac Long Life Milk, which does not contain any additives in accordance with Turkish Food Codex, is processed in a completely closed environment without human contact. In this way, it does not lose its naturalness and nutritional value. Bakrac Long-Lasting Milk maintains its freshness for 5 months at room conditions when the packaging is kept intact. Bakrac Long Life Milk offers you high quality fresh milk with superior naturalness and nutritional value.

Milk, which is an excellent food from the point of nutrition, contains many important proteins, vitamins and minerals. It is the main source of calcium, the cornerstone of bone development and body shape.

Bakrac UHT Milk collects the highest quality milk for you in its freshest form under the control of expert veterinarians from its own farm and modern farms in the surrounding provinces.

Bakrac UHT Milk packs milk by protecting its initial freshness, nutritional value and vitamin content and completely removing air from the packaging, at highest technology production facilities.

With the UHT technology, milk is kept at 135-150 Celsius degrees for 2-6 seconds and cleaned from all microorganisms that may cause milk spoilage, and aseptically packed.

There is no accumulation of oil on the surface, since milk is completely homogenized.

Energy and Nutrientsin 100 g of product
Energy (kcal/kj)62,5/261
Protein (g)3,2
Carbohydrate (g)4,5
Fat (g)3
Calcium (mg) 105


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